Portraits of Equine Beauty
Welcome to portraits of Equine Beauty. I specialize in oil portraits of your  equine and animal companions.

I majored in Fine Art at American University, in Washington, D.C. and took private portrait lessons. However, I consider myself self-taught, studying the work of other equine and wildlife artists, and always seeking the beauty and expression of my subjects.
My interest in equine painting and sketching started at a very young age. The beauty, power, gentleness and ever-present sentience of horses are indeed the inspiration for my artwork. Their spirits guide us and heal us. They are truly our teachers for our own self-development, becoming mirrors to our souls.

My husband, Patrick and I own three beautiful Tennessee Walking /Kentucky Mountain Horses - Boo, Laddie and our new foal Diamond. They love to pose for photos and are a constant supply of ideas for my paintings. Be sure to visit my special gaited horse gallery featuring horses from Westwood Farms, the breeder that we purchased our two Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse geldings from!

My galleries include not only equine, but also close pet companions, wildlife, Native American portraits, seascapes and landscapes. I hope that you will enjoy my artwork, and that through my paintings you feel an "expression of wonder and beauty, and reverie into endless moments in time.

Warmest regards,

Deborah Davis, Fine Artist
9595 Grasty Gold Mine Road

Rhoadesville, Virginia 22542